Onshore charging station "BEREZA"

  • Зарядная станция "БЕРЕЗА"

On-shore charging station «Bereza» series is used to charge drive batteries of vessels based on electric propulsion systems. «Bereza» ensures controlled charge with limited maximum current and voltage according to signals received from battery control system, and protects electric equipment by controlled variable.

The station acts as a step-up active rectifier based on high-power IGBT transistors. SEMIKRON power converter assemblies, which are highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions and temperature cycling, are used as transistors.

Control system allows for the following charge types:

  • with voltage regulation;
  • with current regulation;
  • with charge power regulation.

"Russian Electrotechnical Company Limited" manufactures on-shore charging station «Bereza» type (series) according to Technical specifications.


Input power supply 3х380 V, 50 Hz
IP rating IP22
Cooling type Air
Output voltage DC Up to 900 V
Output current 200…1400 А
  • Bidirectional converter based on most advanced high-power IGBT transistors is the main component of charge station
  • May operate with ESS and other load
  • Own control system with intuitive interface and integrated technical diagnostics tools
  • Remote control and monitoring of the System
  • Non-volatile error and alarm history
  • Data exchange with third party systems.

Charge station ensures remote and local control, record keeping of service hours, as well as monitors technical condition of users with alarm signaling, etc.



The station consists of two sections:

  • input section ensures power input, switching and supply to secondary users, and protection of the internal devices against short circuit.
  • conversion section ensures rectification, voltage level generation, current limit set point, charge station control from local control panel, compatibility with peripheral units and ship systems.
On-shore charging station «BEREZA» - design