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ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2015

REO LLC – is an up-to-date fast-growing engineering and manufacturing company. We provide cutting edge solutions on energy generation, conversion, distribution and storage for the purposes of ship-building, car manufacturing, power and oil and gas industry and other areas of national economies.

We carefully monitor world innovative technologies and use them in our production providing our customers with environmentally friendly, power efficient and reliable equipment. Our company designs and produces frequency converters, charging systems, control systems for complex process equipment, degaussing systems, distortion compensation equipment for grid systems, backup power systems, ESS and power distribution systems. To meet special needs of our customers we project and deliver turn-key customized solutions providing the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability. According to customers' opinion, REO LLC adds exclusive and unconventional features and a personal touch to any order.

Our experienced high-level team of circuit design engineers, programmers, testers, design engineers and analysts have participated together in different projects and worked out streamlined processes to implement plans of company development. At the moment, REO LLC represents small business. We employ 20 skilled design engineers, four of them having a candidate degree of technical science, two engineers pursuing postgraduate courses, and three of them teaching in specialized universities. Our staff includes production workers, comissioning and service specialists. We possess own production and testing facilities.

Our mission – is ongoing professional growth, application of power efficient technologies, small energy development including RES technology to reduce environmental pollution.

Company history. Stages of development

Getting started

Limited Liability Company "Russkoe elektrotekhnicheskoe obshchestvo" (REO LLC) was founded on December 14, 2015. Our primary purpose was to design and manufacture static high power frequency converters (megawatt) based on up-to-date power electronics (IGBT transistors) for shipborne electric propulsion systems.

The first year of work was concerned with designing a typical structure of low-voltage frequency converter (FC) with an active rectifier for the PAPIR series equipment, output power range 1 MW to 5 MW. FC PAPIR complies with the requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and approved by a range of technical tests and RMRS type approval certificate

Execution of this project was crucial because the technical solution of FC was applied further to create more complex electric power (energy) systems both for shipborne and industrial application.

From frequency converters to smart power systems

Further, our company was expanding in two areas:

  1. Modernization of FC PAPIR based on tests and work on new ship projects. As a result, we optimized the FC structure (significant reduction in weight and size), designed new more efficient power transistors keys controller based on home-produced microprocessor, and created own water-cooled power module of transistor keys that made it possible to use foreign IGBT transistors: Semikron, Fuji, Infineon, etc.

Thanks to this, our company was not lacking any foreign components and got more freedom to select a power modules vendor even in a difficult situation of sanctions imposed.

In summary, we created a new structure of «FC Papir»

  1. United electric power system with electric propulsion system – shipborne electric power plant based on the technical solution of FC PAPIR.
    From the very beginning we had a goal to use only advanced up-to-date technical solutions at the level of world leaders, hence we applied a state-of-the-art electric circuit with common DC bus of Onshore charging station «BEREZA» as a foundation of our work (a type of bidirectional frequency converter of onshore charging station, DC with power output up to 1000 kW). By now, the station has been produced, tested and prepared to RMRS and RRR certification. Bidirectional frequency converter “BEREZA” is a prospective solution for charging stations of EVs.

Monitoring, tracking and service system ensures not only fast charging, but also displays all ships on the map ‐ different routes of electric vessels, their location and technical condition. Our company has designed the system so far, and now we are testing a prototype.


From sea to shore  

The key development stage for REO LLC was application of the abovementioned solutions in local systems that provide power quality for general purpose industrial consumers (i.e. insular power stations). As industrial companies increased their demand in continuity and quality of power supply, great interest came up to ESS, high power UPS and equipment to maintain power quality.  

According to this task, REO LLC in very short time conducted scientific and research, design and experimental work in order to create voltage compensation system (VCS) to compensate changes and failures of input supply voltage.

 The main distinctive feature of the equipment is a combination of dynamic voltage distortion compensation system (DVDCS) and energy storage system (ESS) that significantly expands its capabilities:

  • voltage drops compensation up to 50 %;
  • voltage generation in case of external power supply failure.

A prototype where super condensers are used as energy storage has successfully passed tests of an independent expert organization.

Application of common DC bus solutions is a prospective area in creating a power distribution (local) system to supply power to industrial and domestic energy consumers. At the moment, REO LLC together with power equipment vendors and EPC contractors are working on several configurations of such systems:

  • local power station based on several diesel generators with integrated systems DVDCS and ESS using common DC bus; controlled by united monitoring system via internet.
  • distributed electric power system that generates power from diesel generators and renewable energy sources (wind turbine, solar batteries, etc.) and use of ESS based on Li-Ion batteries.  

Further development

REO LLC has defined the following most advanced directions for the development:

  1. To expand a range of frequency converters both for marine and onshore application. 
  2. To design and produce own internet-oriented Scada system to control, monitor and service electric energy systems of various purpose (shipborne ESS, ESS, marine united electric power systems, ESS, DVDCS, distributed energy control), located remotely from the main control centre. The system is designed to monitor operation system parameters, ensure safe operation, to correct and update software remotely. 
  3. To design control system of diesel generator for local power station with variable speed of generator. Use of active rectifier on the side of diesel generator in circuit with common DC bus ensures the most efficient operation mode and saves up to 15-20% of fuel while working in modes of frequent load drop and rise. It may be applied in distributed network of power supply with renewable power in mode of wind and solar energy variation.
  4. To design and produce an up-to-date frequency converter (3-10 kW) with an active rectifier based on state-of-the-art high-voltage IGBT transistors. Due to power growth of industrial consumers, application of up-to-date frequency converters becomes top-requested. Power supply systems with power 3-5 MW require use of high-voltage equipment.